Welcome to Maian Cube

The perfect companion for ionCube®

These days a lot of people want to sell their products online, but the million dollar question is, how do you protect your investment and prevent unauthorised copying or code theft? The answer for many lies in the superb and widely respected ionCube® licence system.

One of the many features of ionCube® is to enable restrictions and locking via a licence file. But, how do you make it easy for your visitors to generate licence files after purchase? The answer is Maian Cube.

Maian Cube makes it easy for you to automate your licence creation process, meaning your customers can instantly get their licence upgrades, which makes for happy customers and less headaches for you.

Maian Cube has been written with ease of use in mind and is not over bloated with too many features. It has all the features you need to run an effective licence system.


v2.3 was released on 1 June 2017

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The following come as standard in all versions of Maian Cube.

  • Auto generate licences via make_licence program
  • Works with the majority of payment gateways
  • Input validation and help topics for buyers
  • Buyer accounts, API and remote licence creation
  • PHP7 supported
  • Fast, responsive HTML5 system for mobiles / tablets.