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No, this is not something Maian Cube has any benefit in using as the data returned by the API would always be the same. If you need to use this you should use it within your own encoded applications to gather data about the server where the application is installed and then send any relevant data to the Maian Cube installation. This would ensure that data sent from the target server is always relevant to where your buyers have your application installed.

Yes, a single licence will work for all installs on the same domain and sub domains. Just make sure each install has the same product key in your database.

1 - View the database of the installation you originally created the licence for and get the product key from the settings table and the 'prodKey' field.

2 - Enter this key into the same database field for any other installations on the same domain.

3 - Copy the original commercial licence to the other installations.

Yes, you can upgrade from the same installation. If you decide to go for the commercial version a new licence file is all thats required.

If you re-run the installer this would create a new product key. Just update your key at the Maian Script World Licence Centre and download a new licence. Alternatively, export and import your database structure from the old server to the new, which will retain the product key.

Its fully customisable and can be adapted into any layout via the built in template engine.

No, the free version is not time restricted. It will run forever.

If you are using the none commercial version, in your admin area, click 'Purchase Licence' on the top menu to view your product key.

If you don`t see this link, access the following link in your admin area: admin/index.php?p=purchase

Nothing at all. All the future upgrades are free, regardless of versions or features. You do not have to pay again if a new major version is released, unlike many other systems. I do NOT believe in charging people for minor updates or when a new version is released.

Note this does not apply to plugins, which may be introduced at a later date and be paid addons.

Yes. See this page for the installation service.

Yes, the white label licence offers this option.

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