Maian Cube has a powerful API, more details below:


Maian Cube has a web API that can help to automate certain processes, such as automatic license account creation after a product is purchased. For this to work, your own application or payment routine should be set to set to ping the Maian Cube api.

You`ll find more information on the API in the docs, which are included in the download. You can view them online here.


Data is sent using an HTTP POST. Once the system receives a post it will validate it and perform the necessary actions. You can url encode data for better performance.

Note that an advanced use of web operations will be required to use the API.


You may have one of the following scenarios where this might be useful:

1 - Someone has just purchased one of your products and you want to auto create a license account with their purchase details so they can log in and generate a license.

2 - You want your own application to create ionCube® licenses so you can update the system internally.

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